One woman read an article in the prestigious (on her opinion) journal, where it says:

“statistics show that 90% of men are unfaithful to one’s wifes”.

So, she logically thought and decided that her husband would not be in 10 percent of cases, because her girlfriend once hinted that “slept with him.” The family was on the verge of divorce, and that was the last straw. Then she found out that her girlfriend had lied out of jealousy or envy, but “the train has already left the station” ….

In fact, these pseudo-scientific publications really affect the man in the street lifestyle, and often negative, because press on the human ego.
And we have decided to publish such a “thinking” in response to this letter.

Lately it has become fashionable to use the type of the expression “Scientists have discovered.”

Internet, newspapers, television make huge number of articles that begin with these phenomenal words. At the same time, as a rule, does not specify what the researchers found, when and how it was and how reliable is the information, confirmed whether these facts by independent sources, and there is any doubt.

If you are very lucky, it can be added the name of the country where the nameless scientists worked. It just so happens that a person is an incredible confidence in an article that begins with the magic words, “Scientists have discovered” and, according to the logic, after these magic words, you can convince the reader that a cockroach is cousin of donkey on the maternal side. Anybody will believe in it, and no one will waste precious time figuring out the real source of the article.

We can also recall that such magic words do not appear among the scientists themselves. I wonder how would look thesis, which would start with the words:

“Scientists have discovered that I was right and I was not worth checking out, and in general, I have all the bribes paid, so take.”

Quite often it happens that articles are published, and then goes refutation of the article, so as not to break the law (well, wrong), but the reader, as a rule, is not a refutation of reading, and in his mind already fixed that “all women are w…s” or “f… with all men.”. As a result, it is sitting up in the brain affects human behavior, which has long been accustomed to, that his opinion is formed through the media or the Internet.

Especially colorful look articles for  women, which are published in women’s magazines, without any references and acknowledgments. Such articles usually covertly campaigning for a particular lifestyle, authoritatively adding “surveyed 2,000 women in Britain (not the fact that the survey can only on paper, and not the fact that they told the truth), and concluded that all the others 3 billion women, too, are like that. ”

In connection with what we “officially” declare

“Scientists have discovered that 90% of the items that begin with these magic words are unconfirmed, agitation, paid, advertising or premature information, designed for brainwashing or support grants of unknown purpose.”

Do not you agree with us? True, there are still 10% of the articles, which are written following the so-called “Scientific ethics”. By the way, we’re told that it’s “Scientists have discovered”, so we recommend to trust. And how do we figure is 90%? No such information about percentages, it would be correct to write “not all items that begin with these magic words” ….