Mask Guy Fawkes from the cult film «V for Vendetta” is an indispensable attribute of every free-thinking individual fighting against uncertain oppressive force named authorities or Power.

However, there is an impression that the project was conceived precisely by authorities to lead away natural energy of young organisms in a safe direction for themselves. The mask creates for human  an illusion of  secret society fighting against lie and injustice. But in fact, when the person  let off steam on the next “Occupy” and removing the mask, he becomes a cog in the same state-society system. A number of lies and violence not much decreases in society, and may even increases.

Indeed, despite some individual actions that ends successfully, Anonymous can not solve the global issues or change the vector of development of civilizations. They are not able to overthrow the power of transnational corporations, to defeat hunger and poverty around the world and stop the military invasion of the US Army in independent states. Anonymous did not save even their “leaders”: Snowden, and Assange – they have sheltered by people in suits with open faces, behind which stood the other States, which are also the owners of the power itself.

It may certainly seems strange and illogical that the authorities in every way replicating the revolutionary exploits of Anonymous, as it causes the fire on itself. But only if officials officially standing in power, to be confused with the power. The real power is in hands of the oligarchic clans, who own huge capital, control all the vital resources of the planet – Anonymous’s anger  fall on government officials who in fact only puppets, which are changed as the gloves. The replacement of one puppet of the oligarchs on the other, on the initiative of the oligarchs, under the guise of Maidan-terrorist activity, Anonymous called “revolution”. Yes, under the guise  – because the real reasons for the changes in the power safely hidden from the public, just at the same time they played Maidan performance with jumping Anonymous, and then, using common sophism “post – then due to” declared – that this performance is the reason of regime change. Anonymous jumped so high, that the criminal power have frightened…

In addition, there is another nuance that makes a mockery of the mask part of its wearer. If in the eyes of Anonymous Guy Fawkes mask gives him 80 points for freedom, in the eyes of the history  Guy Fawkes is more fighter against freedom. According to modern popular mythology,  Catholicism in those eras was a gloomy religion, armed with the Inquisition, and dragged the world back. And Protestantism represents the bourgeois revolution, technological progress, parliamentary and other freedoms. Yes, of course, King James’s  repressions against Catholics can hardly be called manifestations of humanism, but then the repression, such as the Bolsheviks in Russia against the Orthodox Church, do not cancel from the point of view of secular historians, progressiveness of the October Revolution, the separation of church and state, and so forth.ffire

Consequently, Guy Fawkes was just representative of the dark and medieval past who tried to bring down the light of conquest of democracy and freedom. Therefore, to this day the British celebrate freedom every year “Night of fires” in which burned an effigy of Guy Fawkes.

Therefore the young man, who wears a mask of Guy Fawkes  in the name of freedom, is fighting against freedom.

And how fight? Terrorism! After all, we all know that when somebody explodes a bomb – it is terrorism. Is terrorism accompanied with freedom? Of course not. Moreover Guy Fawkes wanted to blow up the imagined inner sanctum of democracy – Parliament!

From this point of view Anonymus must wear a mask, for example, of Leon Trotsky. Indeed, a well-known revolutionary actively participated in crushing of totalitarian Russian empire, then planned to spread the revolution and freedom for the whole world, but tragically become dead from a dictatorial Stalinist ice ax. All canonical and even the beard with mustache is on the face.


So it’s up to marketers.