1. Forget about the insignificant chance “to instruct the atheist to the right path”. Your goal is to show your arguments for third-party observers.
  2. Do not use in proof quotes from the Bible or even a pious phrase.
  3. Enrich your knowledge and argument reading special apologetic materials.
  4. Collect all your favorites links to useful content (recommended list we’ll bring the end of the article), so you can quickly find and give the right information.
  5. Never take a purely defensive position. Every answer must contain a response a question to the atheist, criticizing his views. He will be forced to make excuses and try to say something constructive, that it is often extremely difficult.
  6. In the review quotes, photo or video to illustrate or substantiate your claims. But do not overdo it — the volume should be such that the person could not pass them.
  7. Follow the logic of the arguments of the atheist and remember what he said earlier. In his desire to shove religion on all sides, he often comes to refutation of his own words — enter him on it.
  8. Bring dictum authoritative for the atheist people and facts to refute what he said (for example about the lies and corruption in science, controversial areas in the law and the Constitution, etc.)
    Follow the concepts and terms that are used by the atheist — they often invest in them the meaning, far from definitions from Encyclopedias and dictionaries (such as call communism a religion, a Church, a business Corporation). Insist on the use of the latter.
  9. Doubt the sources cited by the atheist. Sources should be credible, verifiable and preferably unbiased. (famous scientists, surveys, chroniclers, and not the Agency OBS, “a friend of mine,” “I saw and understood”)
  10. Do not agree with the method of global generalizations used by atheists. (several priests on the jeep does not prove the existence of the jeep all the priests, one even known of the priest is the voice of the whole Church)
  11. Don’t let the atheist to jump from topic to topic (as they often do in the case if you don’t know what to say) until he admits his wrong.
  12. Ask the atheist leading questions that he himself explained the logic of his arguments. Compare what he said with other anti-religious arguments. (for example, claiming that Russia — the country is secular, churched because only a few percent, the atheist thereby disproves another myth believers, the criminals, among which the churched even less than in the wild)
  13. If you have used false methods of controversy, the point to it and lead to demonstrate a mirrored example of the application of this method in relation to the atheist.
  14. Don’t let the atheist to monopolize science, reason, logic, society, etc. Notice periodically that all this was created and developed long before the advent of atheists as a community.
  15. If an atheist uses pejorative terms or even goes to the insults, then try to quietly indicate to him that such methods of communication worthy of people with low intelligence and poor education, called in common cattle.Do not be lazy to spread information. Atheistic propaganda is spreading rapidly on the Internet due to its “adobovskogo” for the average person, and due to the fact that atheists actively “force” antireligious or anti-Catholic content stuffing. Believers in this respect either lazy, or too pious. Remember that it is possible from your repost or link depends on the opinion of the people, especially the young, and young people more all is search.