…no matter how perfect the theory, it is only an approximation to the truth
A. M. Butlerov

Science cannot err in things, she can be wrong only in the understanding of things.

Science is often confused with knowledge. This is a gross misunderstanding. Science is not only knowledge , but also consciousness, i.e. the ability to use knowledge.
V. O. Klyuchevsky

The universe cannot be reduced to the level of human understanding, as has been done until now, but should expand and develop the human mind in order to perceive the image of the universe as it is open
F. Bacon

…absurd to deny the role of fantasy in the strictest science..
V. I. Lenin

Tvorcheskii process is a continuous operation: continuous unsuccessful attempts; the collapsed hypotheses absorb 99% of all creative efforts and only occasionally interrupted by short-term success.
P. S. Aleksandrov

Scientists – the same visionaries and artists
V. I. Vernadsky

…imagination and intuition, used within reasonable limits, continue to be a necessary auxiliary tool of the scientist move forward…

The choice in science is as important as in all art forms. A scientist should be able to readily modify or even discard your favorite theory, if the facts contradict it.
D. Thomson is an opening always unexpected, unpredictable, it overturns the prevailing view, re-forming our scientific beliefs…
L. F. Vereshchagin

Without imagination and the mind of Copernicus and Newton would not give us a worldview, become the property of the entire educated world.Nothing great in the world can not do without the assistance of imagination.
N. And. Pies Science wins when its wings relaxed imagination
Faraday ultimately, the case is God. France

Imagination is more important than knowledge, for knowledge is limited, imagination encompasses the same everything in the world, stimulating progress, and is the source of its evolution.

Science, like all forms of art, requires imagination.
D. Thomson, the Source of “the Word on Science” Publishing house “Knowledge” 1978