The Bulgarian Khan Omurtag orders the execution of Christians. Miniature 12 th century

1. The Jews were the first persecutors of Christians. The murder of Stephen and the beating of the apostles described in the New Testament, was only a prelude. In the sixth century the king of Yemen Do Hate adopted Judaism and destroyed tens of thousands of Christians. Jews also took an active part in periodic anti-Christian pogroms, instigated by the Arabs. In 615 year after the capture of Jerusalem by the Persians, the Jews bought them, and massacred about sixty thousand Christians.

2. Persecution in the Pagan Roman Empire Christians were transient in nature: the relative periods of calm were followed by new and new persecutions that culminated in the Emperor Diocletian. With him Christianity was officially banned, books burned, churches destroyed, Christians were murdered for the mere confession of Christ. One of the most violent events Roman persecution was burned in the year 302 under the Emperor Maximian in Nicomedia Cathedral Church of 20,000 Christians.

3. Zoroastrian Persia 4-5th century. Shah Shapur II exposes the brutal executions of Christians in their Empire, as well as trying to stamp out Christianity in Armenia. Only one Byzantine historian Sozomenus tells about 16 000 martyrs. After a brief respite, a new worst persecution of Christians continued under the reign of the shahs Izdegerd and Barama.

4. In Muslim countries, Christians were considered people of the book, however, this did not guarantee their safety. Murder for faith, pogroms and cutting out during the hostilities was not such a rarity. But especially in this respect distinguished Egyptian Caliph al-Hakim massacred Christians and destroyed many churches, including the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in 1009.

5. Japan 17-century. Christianity is officially banned, Catholic monks publicly burned or crucified. Christians under pain of death, forced to deny Christ and trample on the feet of the image of Christ and the virgin. Persecution cause in 1637 Simbirskoe uprising, which was drowned in blood. The total number of victims is estimated in hundreds of thousands of people. The ban on Christianity was lifted only in the late 19th century, when a backward Japan was forced to go for rapprochement with the Western powers.

6. Korea 18-19-th century. The start of the persecution of Christians was given to the execution of the two Christians in 1791. The repeated arrests, torture and executions have become an integral part of the lives of Korean Christians for decades. Persecution has had periods of decline and recovery. As in the Roman Empire before the end of the persecution there was a flash of cruelty. Only in 1870, the year it was executed about 8,000 Christians. After the death of the Korean “Diocletian” TA-Wang-gunya in 1872, the attitude of the representatives of “the most tolerant religion in the world” to Christianity finally became tolerable.

7. XX –th century. The Communist regimes of China, Cambodia, Soviet Union, Albania proclaimed the struggle against religion as one of its tasks, organized the defeat of the Christian churches. Only in the Soviet Union until the late 30-ies was shot more than 100 thousand priests and parishioners.