“Cybernetics is the alien Jew science to Marxism”
General Secretary of the Central Committee of the CPSU(b) Stalin.

In the USSR atheists put science itself in the role of servant, which was to serve the purposes of the construction of atheistic communism. Those branches of science that are not consistent with such purposes – is destroyed or persecuted. Already during the revolution in Russia, began the rout in the social Sciences: history, philosophy. It is not surprisingly, then, historians and philosophers had to cover the history of mankind and its quest for a Leninist positions.

One of the victims of the Communist regime became genetics. One of the first victims was Professor S. S. Chetverikov and his laboratory. On absurd charges, he was arrested and without trial exiled to Sverdlovsk. Laboratory splits, some of its members also are link. However, genetics still did not stop research.
In 1932, in Soviet Russia was established biomedical Institute, which released 4 volumes of original works, many of which still has not lost relevance. However, in 1936 the Institute was closed, and its Director, S. G. Levit soon shot.

In 1940 he was arrested by the Vice-President of the Lenin Academy of agricultural Sciences. V. I. Lenin (VASKHNIL) N.And Vavilov. Decision of the military Collegium of the USSR Supreme court, he was sentenced to death on charges of belonging to anti-Soviet organization “Labour peasant party”, in sabotage and espionage. ( By the way in 1930 on similar charges, was arrested and convicted of A.V. Chayanov and other major economists-agrarians.). Later, on the initiative of Beria’s death sentence was replaced with 20 years in prison. The others held in the case, the scientists were shot on 28 July 1941. Vavilov himself died in a death cell in 1943.

But the final defeat of genetics followed after the session of agricultural Sciences in August 1948. The operation was headed by the infamous G. D. Lysenko, Stalin’s approval.
In 1948 all genetic research in the USSR was discontinued. Was immediately fired tens and hundreds of leading professors and teachers. Libraries were seized and destroyed on the list of biological books based on Mendeleev’s genetics. The flames of the pogrom spread to Cytology, embryology, physiology and even reached such distant areas as quantum chemistry, where she declared “your Lysenko”.

Another page of the atheistic obscurantism in science is Cybernetics, which was banned until the end of 50-h years. In 1937 he was shot or thrown into the GULAG researchers, very close approached the creation of the transistor.
Similar events toward scientists occurred in Communist China, and Pol pot in Cambodia; in the latter almost all scientists and humanists physically destroyed.

So, based on these facts we have proved the corrupting influence of atheism on science.
Atheists everywhere are spreading the myth that the Church was always against science and atheism is on the contrary based on science. In confirmation of the words they cite individual cases of the persecution of the Catholic Church on some scientists: Galileo, Copernicus, and poor Bruno, who is actually a scientist that was not. Well. If they believe that the individual cases indicate regressivity not only of the Catholic Church, and even all of Christianity, and we use their logic.
And based on the above, we can also conclude that atheism is against science